A small town with a strong calling for tourism, moreover with a special mountain climate and wonderful fresh air – Civitella Alfedena is situated at the foot of imposing mountain chains (Monte Meta, Greco, Marsicano e Camosciara) at 1.121 mt above sea level, surrounded by fields and plentiful water springs.

The town has become one of the best example of innovating and sustainable tourism development made up of several accommodation and common use facilities, at guests and tourist disposal and constantly in contact with cultural and sport organizations of main importance, such as museums, touristic and nature itineraries, lake, wildlife areas, churches, agonistic and soft competition events, guided visits, skiing and excursions.

In its territory is situated also the biggest integral nature reserve in Italy called “La Camosciara-Feudo Intamonti”, where it is possible to sight wildlife and admire some of the most rare and precious species of Apennine fauna animals: the Marsican brown bear, the Abruzzo Chamois, the Apennine Wolf, the deer, the roe deer, the golden eagle and many other small mammalianz and birds, and meeting them means life sensations, emotions, adventure. Wonderful beech tree, black pine, maple, and Turkey oak forests offer an enchanting image of a powerful wilderness.

A rare human and social environment experience, very difficult to be conceived in big cities that makes Civitella Alfedena a unique destination.

The residential area presents the shape of a medieval village and its restoration works and the reviving attempts made give the idea of the great respect citizens have for the town and represent an example of respect people always should have for such a unique and unrepeatable social and human life environment.

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